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    Hello people
    Im a new studen on Games Developer Course by T2G
    Im still waiting that my tutor send me the letter with my password to have access to the campus online and start studying
    My question is : In which module I need to create a game and send the game to my tutor ?
    I saw topics here where people was looking for help to have an ideia to their games, but I dont know in which module I need to create my own game and send to my tutor
    If anyone knows that pls tell me

    Many than

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    well first off welcome to train 2 game i hope you like it here

    the portfolio work you need to send off to the team to be marked

    thats at the end of section 2 portfolio part 1 and 2
    and 3-4-5 are in second 3
    you wont need to submit it all as you go you do it once you complete 1 and 2 and again after you finished them all

    you will start making games at the start of section 2 ( the first game is pong) what you will need to finish the code for

    but apart from that you ave a while before warring about what your game is going to be

    kind regards mr luke cardall
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