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    Good Afternoon all
    My name is Mario I'm Portuguese and I'm 19 years old
    i'm pleasured to say that I'm a new student on T2G
    I join to the Games Developer Course and now I'm just waiting that my tutor send me the letter with my password to register to campus online
    I'm very excited to begin to study
    Anyone who is in the same course or even finish the course can tell their opinions about the course and what u like more in the course and why
    I also like to begin to interact with people of the same course and other courses of course and help each other and talk about the course and so on so on
    Thank u all and I'll wait for replys
    Have a lovely day

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    Hi mario! How are u doing? I have been on the developers course for about a year, but just recently started posting here, u can add me as a friend if u want and talk to me when u want bud, welcome

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