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Thread: Need some help with Portfolio 2

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    Default Need some help with Portfolio 2

    Hello Testers,

    I have come to a total stop with my portfolio 2 project. The requirements are to write a suggestion of an improvement that is quantitative and in a compelling way.

    I have a few games in mind that I don't know them well or haven't played before, but then how can I suggest something for a game that I haven't played before and do not know how the gameplay looks like.
    The objective is to choose 5 games out of the list of selected genre and write suggestions of improvements to gameplay I understand...

    Maybe some of you have done this project already and could show me an example of how to write such suggestion with links etc.

    Would appreciate some advise from you folks.

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    If you haven't played the game, the next best thing is to watch some Let's Play videos. Check out Youtube.

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    This is a bit of a late response but if you're still stuck i hope this helps, i've also sent a PM.
    With this project i chose 5 games i'd never played before of all different genres and decided to get that project out of the way all in one go. For each game I mentiond where the game was from (steam, website, etc) and split the discussion about it into 2-3 sections. The first section I just talked about what the game was, for example if i were talking about Age of Empires 2 HD edition, i'd talk about how it was a great way to bring an old classic back and that it had great oppertunity to improve on dated features, then i'd talk about an issue where the game could have been better and supported my issue with other people's thoughts via reviews on official websites, taking small quotes and including the website link for proof. It only took a couple of minutes for some of the games i played for me to come upon an issue i thought "hey.. this could be better / different".

    I've pm'd you anyway regarding your recent reply on my thread a while ago about me being stuck on project 3 - test plans.

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    I'm having some trouble with the same bit but I know the games I wanna do for example jurassic park operation genisis I'm not sure what to write or word could anyone give some examples please

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