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Thread: How Far into the course are you... and are you learning?

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    Default How Far into the course are you... and are you learning?


    Im on the 3rd book of the app development course...

    I just want to get a bit of feedback from other students also on this course... how far along they are and how well they are getting on?

    Im asking because i am finding my self watching YouTube tutorials on Java Programming to learn how to code as i feel im not really being taught through T2G.

    i Understand I am only on my 3rd book, but i expected to have been taught the basics of programming before being chucked into droidSquash... eg: How to build Arrays, Constructors and so on.

    dont want to sound like a whining lil *****, but just want to know if the course get better and teaches code at some point?

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    So far I have learned loads, its been really good, I've learned loads on not only how to read an apps page on the app market, but how to REALLY read it, see where the pictures are places and what the description says and also where the description is placed, if you ask me this should have been filled with the basics of programming and actually developing an app but what do I know, im just some guy trying to learn how to develop an app.

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