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    Smile NEW Developer

    Hi I am Macaulay an 18 year old from Lincolshire, just wondering if any new or even advanced developers would like to chat and go through material together. Would be great to meet some new people trough this course.

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    Hello Macaulay
    Im a new student of the Games Developer Course
    If u want u can add me as a friend on skype and we talk about the course and share ideias
    My username on skype is : esfolapatos
    Send me a friend request

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    Hi mate, i just started the course as well so we can keep in touch

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    Hey I have just started section 2 but I am looking for people to chat too and go through course material with. So would love to hear from you, just add me on skype my username is AllStarLewis (Lewis.Somerville) Just let me know you are from T2G

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    Anyone here doing version 3 of the course. If so, PM me please. Thank you.
    Version 3 - On number 11 of 11 core modules. Currently on 'Advanced Animation and Visuals' module.

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