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Thread: Train to Game Steam Group?

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    Default Train to Game Steam Group?

    Just wondered what the interest is in a sort of Train 2 Game Steam Clan (something where your name has something like [T2G] before it. As a way of bringing students and such together in game (after all what other better way for guys and gals like us to get to know one another right? ) It could also promote Train2Game to reach and appeal to more people if it becomes decent enough.

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    Brilliant idea! I'd be up for it. By the way you can add me on steam if you like... my id is BallDriX.

    Does anyone play CS? I've not played it for a few years (CS:Source or CS:GO) but the idea of a [T2G] clan would encourage me to play again.

    I think it would be good to have [T2G] before your name and [Dev] or [AA] etc after your name in game. What do you think?
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    im on steam add me mark_1218

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    i'm on steam to using my user name here whisper1977 generally play a few free to play games Adventure Capitalist oh ye gods the game must be laced with crack over 600 hours and its not even that larger game

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