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If you are interested in hearing some of the positive success stories of Train2Game students visit: www.train2gamewinners.com.

Train2Game Winners is an opportunity for students to describe their achievements in their own words, for student's to talk positively about Train2Game and for Train2Game to show off some of the incredible projects students have been a part of. It’s a portal for the wider gaming community to see what students are working on, giving students much needed exposure and publicising their achievements. The site also covers positive news about Train2Game and how it's helping students become games industry professionals. The site is both a positive boost for the courses and a chance for all students to see what their student body is working on.

If you'd like to join the students on Train2Game Winners, drop me a DM and I'll get you started. All levels of ability and experience accepted. You can start a profile and also update as you make further positive steps in your games industry journey.

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