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Thread: What is the correct Developer Introduction Workbook?

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    Post What is the correct Developer Introduction Workbook?

    Hi All.

    New here on the Game Developer Course.

    I spent the last 2 weeks working through the Module P1; Prototyping with a Game Creation System.

    I could not complete any of the tasks as I was using the Construct 2 free version ( used free as I was awaiting the Redeem Code) as instructed.
    sent a webmail to the Tutor Team, apparantly I have been given the wrong book and the correct one is getting sent to me ASAP. about to go on holiday next week and wanted to get upto TMA 1 before I left.

    My Question is what book should it be, and how much does it differ from this one? should I just stop, till I receive the correct one or is the material very similar?



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    When i started the intro book was mainly game maker where you made a few games using that software and then took a TMA
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    Yeah i'd probably stop. But if you can keep the book anyway then that's great

    Game Developer - Coder

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