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Thread: Lesson 3 Examples Don't Build?

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    Hey guys just wondering if anyone else has had trouble getting the example projects from Lesson 23 (or any other Lessons from Section 3) to build/run?

    It says they are completed examples for study, but when i try to build or run them regardless of update the VC++ compiler and libraries, they just break or fail to build in the first place.
    If anyone else has experienced this or knows a fix, please feel free to share! Thanks in advance for any replies

    EDIT: The file that seems to be causing the issue is the InputManager.cpp on my end, in the KeycodeToASCII method
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    Hi Jamie

    What is the error you receive?


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    Include the exact message you get from the compiler when you try to build the example.
    And make note of any bits of code that may have a red squiggly line below them.

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