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Thread: Disney Castle

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    Evening all,

    I have seen a few people have posted examples of their work so far, so I just thought I would share one of the Projects that I was working on.

    Its based on the Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Paris. I've been using source images I took from the park as reference. It's not going to be a carbon copy. I thought I would choose it so I could get use it to try out the various different tools that Max has to offer. For now I am just using Mental Ray to Render it.

    If you have any opinions on any changes to the way its done, I am more than willing to take onboard your ideas and criticisms. I will post more pictures as the project progresses.

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    Also I have posted this in the wrong area Sorry

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    looking very good ljs_88, keep up the good work. what part are you on on the course?

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    Thanks folks - Ive just started Section 3

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    Quick Update

    Ive not stopped working on this. I put it on hold until I got back from Disneyworld last week. They have a scale model of the building so working from those pictures. Should have some pictures to show next week, possibly with some of it textured

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    Still a major work in progress. Obviously it still needs texture but about 80% of the castle is complete structurally. Managed to get pictures of the model they have at Disneyworld which is proving brilliant for reference.

    As usual, any questions or anything comments are welcome. I will get some closeups of the detail soon


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    Wow, that's awesome. How long has it taken if you don't mind me asking.

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    Its taken about 16 hours total so far. Been a lot of trial and error involved in it.

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