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Thread: Train2Game Introduction Thread TWO

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    welcome to T2G, Karl.

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    Hey folks, my name is Wesley (though Wes is fine ) just started the Design development Course. Exicited to get started on it ; looking forward to getting to know you all and seeing your opinions on my Game ideas. I have a few here already one's a turn-based artillery game, where you have a motley team of 5 and they each have a customisable weapon, tool and armor. The other is a 2d side scroller where you have a choice of 5 robots and you have to avoid enemies. (P.S. I'm from folkestone if anyone want's to Chat).
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    Hi guys, just started the development course, waiting for my campus log in details now.
    If anyone have some tips or anything to say about the course fell free to pm or we can talk on skype or something.
    Very proud to be a new member of the comunity

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    Hi guys
    I'm a new student on Games Developer Course I'm just waiting for the letter with my password to campus online which should arrives next week (finnaly)
    If anyone is taking the course or even people who finish the course wants to talk and give me some feedback about the course PM or talk trought skype my username is : esfolapatos
    I want to start know people of the same course for help each other and talk about the course and with people of others courses of course
    Good night all and u know if u want to add me go ahead and send me a friend request on skype :d

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    Hi all. My names Adam i have just started today on artist and animator course getting the know how on bits and making new friends i not quite sure on where to start off?
    Is there anyone on here from the leicester area.
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    A quick hello to all - I'm Scott and soon to be starting the game developer course.

    Hoping to meet some new friends whilst here and getting involved in some future projects

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    welcome to all the new peeps!

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    Welcome guys

    Enjoy it and make the most of the knowledge on this forum and books that can be bought off the net

    James (Winf1983)
    Computer Game Developer Course
    Currently on Version 3 P3

    Add me on the following

    PSN - djamesuk
    Skype - Winf1983
    Linkedin -

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