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Thread: Hey guys!

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    Default Hey guys!

    Hi guys. I'm Eddy. Just started the Art & Animation course. Looking forward to meeting new people, and working with them!

    I play an array of games, from MMOs, to FPSs. Really looking forward to this course!

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    Hi Hesiod,

    Good to meet you and welcome aboard.



    How to get to Teamspeak

    Please contact me at for the Ip address and password.

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    Hey Eddy!
    Im doing the Art & Animation course too. Hope you enjoy it, its a really good course! What game are you playing at the moment?


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    I'm not on the Art & Animation course, I'm on the developer course but Welcome all the same

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    Hey Mark.
    Sorry for the extremely late reply. Been busy with work and such. Really enjoying the course! And I'm playing anything and everything that catches my eye. Started playing GTA 5 on PC recently.
    I'm still on the MMO scene as well. Still play Warcraft on and off, (cannot believe I still play it). What about you dude?

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