I've just started on the T2G Designer course, and I'm working through the Intro book.

I'm doing the Maze tutorial, and have got a problem with the moving blocks. The block object is set to use a wall object as its parent, so monsters will bounce off them.

I was following the book's instructions, and got to page 90, final para, where it says:
"To solve this we put a dummy action (just a comment) in the collision event between the person and the block..."

I've tried a few varieties of this instruction, and some workarounds, but I can't get it to work. My player just bounces against the block, and the block stays put.

I know there is a simple fix to this, and I'm probably just misreading the instructions, or have 'got' the logic behind GM code flow yet. But could someone give me some advice on how to fix this issue?

I've put a link to the GM file below.

Due to my main computer being broke (GPU on the logic board is dead), I'm having to use GameMaker Lite for Mac (v7).


- Richard

GM file (alternate download)