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Thread: New app for Edinburgh - advice needed

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    Default New app for Edinburgh - advice needed

    Hi Everyone,

    First of all, it's great to be here - I only started the course 6 weeks ago - I'd like to ask for your opinion/advice re an app project. With Paisley Uni technical team we developed a free prototype for an Edinburgh tourist app called Explore Edinburgh Rock 2 Rock (for both iOS and Android devices) and we want to develop it further into a 3D-treasure hunt game. I'd like to know what most people would prefer as a player to be in the game (game elements, etc).
    You guys have got more experience, that's why I'm creating this topic.
    I appreciate all your help,

    Thanks again - and feel free to check out the Edinburgh app just to give you an idea (we want to expand the game to the whole city, could add more locations for the game section)



    I was thinking of spelling errors-based clues - the location of the next clue is hidden inside some text. Correct the errors and find the clue!
    Find the object
    Quote from a book - find a book and the quote within in a particular building
    Scavenger Hunt - collect items or codes within time limits
    QR codes - scan the barcode and reveal the secret message
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