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Thread: Looking for a few good people :)

  1. Default Looking for a few good people :)

    Hello i have just started portfolio project 1 and 2. I'm on the Game Developer course Version 2 .I'm looking for people to chat to via Skype or Facebook so we can help each other with problem we run into. Lets help one another learn and progress. I have many ideas for games as well as many ideas for graphics and story lines. I'm looking for a team of 4 or so lol. I'm trying to make a fun group of people who can see our ideas and hard work coming together to make great games as well as having a great time making them . I'm on Skype and if your interested let me know. Thanks for reading .

    Skype : s_sypher2
    Facebook : Bryan Coady
    XBL : i am s sypher

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    Hi ssypher. Getting in touch now.
    Version 3 - On number 11 of 11 core modules. Currently on 'Advanced Animation and Visuals' module.

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    I live somewhere in Birmingham.....somewhere....<(<_<; )>....


    mdskrauzer = skype hit me up!

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    Hi Guys,
    We are after a coder/developer to join our team, we are a strong art-based team with 3 total then one designer.
    Basically we are a programmer in the apps and coder field, short-handed...
    We welcome all fields of knowledge and experience, contact details below:

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