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Thread: Some of my 3d models

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    Default Some of my 3d models

    Hi everyone, I just started the course for 'art & animation' here are some of my high poly models (just to give you guys idea of what I can do so far):






    ..Ok cheers, so now I am back to figure out, how everything works here, and how to get started and etc..heh

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    some more, I dont know why they didnt upload with the rest:


    ork na wilku.jpg

    post-apo car.jpg


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    Holy moses, these are fantastic!
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    thank You, as soon as I'll be able to affort myself a decent tablet I will produce more

    warframe fan.jpg

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    Moved to the A&A section, the artists have "work threads" which they keep updated as they go along, use this as one of those
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    Dam your awesomeness :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by eight G View Post
    why are you here?
    heh, I am flattered. I have worked in a small team which was making outsource models for companies. I am a self learner, but I can only make high poly models, I know how the process of implementing them into gaming engine goes (more, or less...), I want to develop my current skills. Like I mentioned, basically I can sculpt, and polypaint... it's not enough to work in industry (from what I know by my experience), I am hoping to find some help with that here. You know, I just started this course, I am curious how everything works here, I am looking for opportunity, maybe someone will finally notice me, maybe my skills will develop, I will get appreciated... I see my current knowledge as advantage to push it further in here. I have put a lot of effort to learn what I know right now, and I hope to increase my qualifications. Thats the story hehe... unless You just ask why I posted here, in that case I am embarassed, heh.
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    Hi, I just started the course too, Loving your sculpts! some really good looking character concepts in there. Fantastic work

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with as you work through the course.


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    Hi WorstNoob,

    Love your work, the fat man is brilliant and the tattoo'd head is superb.


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    Absolutely astounding! Why aren't people hiring you?! Have you tried to look for an animator to get these stunning models moving?

    *throws money at screen*
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