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    Question Game Jam

    Did anyone do this years game jam and if you did how did you find the experience? Would've loved to have gone but had just signed up to the course. Is it a yearly thing?

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    Hi Steven,

    I was among the many who attended. It was an awesome weekend and everyone was really nice and had a great time! I wouldn't worry if you dont' know much to begin with, you will come out the Game Jam with a massive amount of knowledge afterwards. It's brilliant experience and I've said it before but, If you don't go to them, then you're not getting the most out of your course.

    I was told there will be one next year so hopefully see you there.


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    It was one of the funnest weekends I've ever had! Everyone on my team was new to jams but we all had a great time. We are now working together to make a commercial version of our game. Can't wait till next year

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    It was a great experience indeed. We too are continuing on our game

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    I better keep an eye out for the next one then. Hopefully have a better understanding of everything by then! Good luck with the games you are developing

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    There was a whole range of people with different abilities. My suggestion is just go, nobody expects anyone to be a genius If you find one you can go to you will learn a lot more in the 48 hours of it than you could hope to learn in a month of studying.

    The T2G was great fun btw
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    I went along as a spectator and tagged along with Team Wolfwash who were very kind to let me watch and learn. It was a definitely a great experience, not only to learn new things but to make some great friends.

    Make sure you get along to the next one. You'll love every minute.

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