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Thread: Robobuddy - Sci-fi - Role Playing Game

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    Hi, i have finally gotten to a stage where i need talented imaginative individuals to help me design the game, developers you have to wait a bit longer i am afraid.

    At the moment i am working along side PaulO to create the human world, with every town, person, event etc. documented and completed for the developers to finally sink there teeth into and all the designers who join will be involved in this and once weve finished the human world will progress on to documenting other aspects of the game, you can choose to stay on or leave but if you join i expect you to stay fully commited till the end of this said part and i expect 110%.

    Now there is a screening process due to the fact that i am looking for individuals who are motivated enough to join, because i don't have time to waste with quitters.

    You have a few choices in contacting me find me on the mIRC channel - #Quakenet - #Robobuddy, add me on msn or spam me on my pm, and say the magic words i am interested in joining your crew... this will insue a few questions that will help me to decide whether your up to the task. Prepare yourself to use your imagination and your intentions.

    Questions like:
    How many hours do you spend doing game design?

    You enter a town and there is a man with a new robotic suit, describe the suit.

    i expect you to have some knowledge already on robobuddy seeing as i have provided more then enough for you to have a general understanding, and i use msn to communicate with PaulO and send each other files though it won't effect whether or not you get the job it would be less complicated if i didn't have to use other communication devices to get ahold of you.

    Remember this is not about how much of the course material you have gotten through as it is very little in relevance to the jobs you will be doing, however for fun i may do a few competitions between my game designers to keep them on there toes.

    I hope to see you soon, and look forward to listening from people interested
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    Well first up I'm pleased that you've opted to get designers on board to get the whole game concept sorted first unlike other threads where people have requested teams of designers, artists and developers to leap on board and start working on something that isn't at development stage yet.

    However, before I start on one of my long winded posts, I would just like to point out that the people you're appealing to here can offer you as much help as possible, but don't expect them to give 110%, 100% of the time. People have work, or those that don't have work are looking for work, and this is your game, not theirs, so although they'll be working on it, they do have lives outside of Train2Game and like myself, want to work on other projects as well, so you don't want to fall into the same trap as someone else who I won't mention (but those who know of him will know who I'm talking about). They called for teams of people to work on things, claiming that they were going to amass a large team of people to work on numerous projects, and mostly spent their time giving out "to do lists" to people, then checking back once every so often to see how they were getting on with their specific list while that person just cracked on with their own personal lives.

    That kind of thinking and poor leadership doesn't work, not with volunteers.

    Also, a game of this size will not happen overnight. It takes a lot of planning, a lot of writing and thought before it gets to modelling or development stage.

    But with that said, I'll now waffle.....

    Okay, so most of you will know that I'm working on something for Robobuddy myself at the moment. Originally I was just working on concept art and models but ended up working on the actual environment and game engine as well, but this is currently just the basic introductory town for now with a base for the game and basic gameplay, which at present mostly has placeholder graphics and a temporary main character borrowed from a tutorial while myself and others are working on various 3D elements to bring into the proposed game engine.

    When I first started this course I was one of very few 2D/3D artists who stepped forward and said "yes, I can draw and create models" so I became inundated with offers and requests to help out with games and signed myself up to a number of projects (including this one) to create sprites and game graphics, however, in doing so, being a developer I sat in on a few meetings with developers for another project and basically watched (or read) the rest of the developers arguing over which 3D engine they were going to work on, while all the time I was thinking of a lot of the game mechanics that didn't require a specific engine but that nobody had really put any thought into. Eventually the project fizzled out and I don't think anybody is really working on it to be honest.

    My reason for quoting the above? The story and full background to the game hadn't really been thought out, it was based on another game which had a lot of strategy elements that were necessary to drive the game and these hadn't even been discussed and whether they had been thought out was a mystery that was never solved.

    I really need to think of a new analogy as I'm starting to tire of the sword, axe, big sword, big axe one, but one thing that I often see missing when people plan out big games is that they want BIG! sorry.... BIG!!!!They want a massive map, a lot of enemies and a lot of weapons, but they never really stop to think about how these things will progress through the game, how the weapons are going to work or what they look like, so that artists and developers know how they come into the game.

    When I first stopped you from trying to appeal for a team of designers, developers and artists to come on board it was purely with the thought that you're going to end up with a lot of artists and developers who are mostly running around trying to build something that they don't fully understand and from a design point of view, hasn't been developed enough for them to actually work on it to their full capacity and would lead to a higher prospect of people dropping out.

    A perfect example leads me to a graphic I once created for a pitch document. For all the overall game idea hadn't been fully developed, for the purposes of the document I was given a clear description of the picture in their head, given a vague scribble of what they wanted, and from the description and scribble supplied I was able to come up with the concept art/game screenshot image below.

    Bearing in mind that this was pretty much created overnight and a lot of the models and characters, textures etc. were created from scratch it was something of an undertaking and although the person who'd asked for it was more than happy with it at the time, I wasn't because the scene lacked colour, depth, atmosphere and above all, other people, but time wasn't really on my side to work on it as I wanted so it had to do.

    Many people say they can't draw, and many have actually proved this, however for all they say a picture paints a thousand words, a hundred words can also paint a picture and if you have a good description of a scene, a weapon, etc.etc. then a concept or modelling artist will be able to turn that into a reality that can then be brought into the game. The image below by Damon Wallace shows initial concept drawings, rough 3D models and final rendered textured model, but unless the artists know what they're drawing, they can't really create something that lends itself properly to the game, and the developers don't have an idea of how these characters or objects will actually work in the game.

    A perfect example of knowing how the characters fit into the game reminds me that someone recently offered up a good attempt at a proposed drawing of a mech style robot for the game, however, based on how your character is to fit within the game environment and the scale of the mech they'd created meant that it would pretty much tower above the entire town that I was working on for the introduction, so although they had obviously spent some time coming up with this and although it could prospectively fit in elsewhere in the game, from the position of being something that was useable within the confines of the section I'm building, it wasn't of any use at the time and if you have artists working on things they don't fully understand then again, you will get a lower success rate.

    Also, as CrystalSkye has just reminded me, and something I often bleat on about in posts and on IRC, don't lose sight of the fact that your game might be crap. If you're working with a team of other designers you need to open yourself up to embrace other ideas and suggestions from other people. Your original idea might work in your head but in reality might be an epic fail, however it may inspire others to come up with a solution or suggestion that works much better. A perfect example of this is a game that I'm working on with him called Galoop. Although a simplistic game concept, the initial idea sounded good, but in theory seriously sucked, it was boring, had no challenge and as a finished game would never have worked, however, between CrystalSkye and myself we looked at what was and wasn't working, pulled it to bits and approached the concept from a completely different angle which, while keeping the original storyline and characters, meant that the game not only has playability but also has expansive room for scaling up as you progress through the levels.

    Anyway, I think I'll wrap this up for now, but just keep working on the game development, fathom out how you and other designers can work together to build up the story for the game, the characters, the weapons, the cause and effect of having different things at different stages of the game and we'll see where we go from there.
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    ok i would like to apologise about the 110% comment, i had no intention of making people believe they had to quit there job or give up on every day activities.

    The only thing i expect is that your devoted towards the project, e.g. not leaving and when you do have time rather then sitting there doing nothing you do check up on robobuddy and try and find work to help on.
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    New maps uploaded in my photo album.

    Still looking for new designers

    If you post me a short essay on a robotic suit, this can either be a picture with short description or just all words depending on your strengths. maximum length 2 sides of A4. I'll be reviewing on friday 23rd.

    Email me your work at or add me on msn.
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    Robobuddy is being downgraded due to restraints of team’s ability, size and the money constraints that have been put in front of us. I apologise for this as I know there were a lot of people who were passionate towards Robobuddy due to my over enthusiastic rants and I also know there will be people who are going to be saying at last he finally understands.
    Anyways, Robobuddy had many key features its combat, customisation, space, vehicles, weapons etc. and I started to think about how we could simplify Robobuddy I finally came to the conclusion I hope you will be as enthusiastic as you were when I first presented Robobuddy when reading this.

    Robobuddy – website version


    We are going to use a website to host mini games, these mini games will be developed to show the key features that will be present in the main Robobuddy game. This will improve the skills of my team in working with unity, it will allow for more time for me to document in more detail about the game and it will be a great way to create a fan base and perhaps interest publishers who would be interested in seeing the game completed.

    Mini games

    Key features of the game are going to be playable as mini games on the site, created using unity. here are a couple of examples;


    Combat will take on all 3 of the robot aspects; Human, Mech, Animal each providing a different type of combat to show the variety in which they will offer in the actual game for example, the human will be fighting using close and ranged combat in a infiltration scenario where as animal which is close combat based will be set in a forest like scenario. There could be a score system that will be based upon the enemies you defeat within either a time limit or as long as you live.


    This can either be a race like situation or some sort of bumper car situation, where you could be either in a face car, tank or spaceship. We can offer different sceneries and scenarios. A good challenge that could be created is to get through all the markers before time runs out.


    A simple platformer game, where you must overcome obstacles is a great way to show how the controls will work and can be challenging as a player has to perhaps find his way out of a cavern, by going through caves and over rocks etc. We can also use this to experiment with different types of gadgets that we can offer the player e.g. the jet pack.

    Future ideas

    - Social network
    o Offer players their own profile page
    o Experience system to reward the player for playing the mini games
    o Forums / communication to allow for players to discuss about the games
    o Some sort of guild system etc.
    o Competitive gaming – high score system
    o Fan creations for the game
    - Comic strip to show Robobuddy story
    - A page that goes into detail about the whole game
    - Improve my vlogging skills and start to present on YouTube

    I am sorry for another change, however it was necessary for the progress of the game we do hope to eventually get the chance to make this game fully.

    I would really like to hear your opinions upon the website idea and if you feel you have something to offer it would be good to hear from you.
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    If you would like I can do the site for you,
    I tend to use Joomla 1.5 CMS,
    for my sites,

    You would need to provide the host etc but I would be happy to do the work,
    Lemme know.


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    Robobuddy Mini Game
    Human V1


    Game Classification: Action/ Platformer
    Target Audience: Young / Teen / Adult
    Game Format: PC (internet connection needed)
    Graphics: 3D from a side view
    Players: Single-Player Only


    The world is at war with the galaxy and humans are on the edge to total annihilation, but a company called Robotechnics have created a battle suit known as a Robobuddy however this suit is still in beta stages.

    You will be playing as a soldier who was picked to help test out the new robotic suit as you have shown outstanding ability in battle. In this game you will be running through a training ground that will test your ability to puzzle solve and take on multiple enemies using the suits main functions and a small selection of weapons.

    The V1 Robobuddy suit:

    The V1 Robobuddy is a very basic suit, its sleek black metallic outer shell, allows for small defence from oncoming fire and helps when breathing in outer atmospheres with a supply of oxygen along with a converter from carbon dioxide to oxygen allowing for a never ending supply. This suit uses a very relaxed metal allowing you to move about quite freely, unlike most suits the past that restricted movements however this sacrifices weak points in the armour and does give issues when being shot at, the suit also comes with a very simple HUD system that allows for targeting of nearby enemies and a microphone/speaker system so you can talk to team mates.


    -Simple puzzles like finding the switch to open the door.
    -A talking instructor through the game to designate objectives.
    -Basic AI to offer combat situations.
    -Weapon choice of pistol, machinegun, and grenades.

    Future ideas:
    -The next in the series the Robobuddy suit will become the V2 suit and new functions will be instated on to the suit, bringing about new Gameplay. A couple of examples that I have considered:
    -A jet pack, this will be used in Gameplay in which you have to reach hard to get to places.
    -Stealth systems, you must get through the level undetected.
    -Shields, having short burst of shield power means you can defect bullets for a short period of time.

    -Hopefully Robobuddy will slowly develop through the means of mini games and will be able to bring it up to a 3d game stage.

    -Gaining a bigger team would be nice so we can get things done a lot more quickly.

    -Other mini game series will be made to show off other features of the game for example the Mech and animal robots will have their own series, vehicles and spaceship travel, but for now just concentrating on this.

    -The website will take on a feature in which you must complete the first mini game to continue the series, this will take on the look of a skill tree and as they unlock new levels give awards that will be placed on their profile page.

    but for now just thinking about this first project.
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