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    Hi, i have finally gotten to a stage where i need talented imaginative individuals to help me design the game, developers you have to wait a bit longer i am afraid.

    At the moment i am working along side PaulO to create the human world, with every town, person, event etc. documented and completed for the developers to finally sink there teeth into and all the designers who join will be involved in this and once weve finished the human world will progress on to documenting other aspects of the game, you can choose to stay on or leave but if you join i expect you to stay fully commited till the end of this said part and i expect 110%.

    Now there is a screening process due to the fact that i am looking for individuals who are motivated enough to join, because i don't have time to waste with quitters.

    You have a few choices in contacting me find me on the mIRC channel - #Quakenet - #Robobuddy, add me on msn or spam me on my pm, and say the magic words i am interested in joining your crew... this will insue a few questions that will help me to decide whether your up to the task. Prepare yourself to use your imagination and your intentions.

    Questions like:
    How many hours do you spend doing game design?

    You enter a town and there is a man with a new robotic suit, describe the suit.

    i expect you to have some knowledge already on robobuddy seeing as i have provided more then enough for you to have a general understanding, and i use msn to communicate with PaulO and send each other files though it won't effect whether or not you get the job it would be less complicated if i didn't have to use other communication devices to get ahold of you.

    Remember this is not about how much of the course material you have gotten through as it is very little in relevance to the jobs you will be doing, however for fun i may do a few competitions between my game designers to keep them on there toes.

    I hope to see you soon, and look forward to listening from people interested
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