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    Default Robobuddy - Sci-fi - Role Playing Game

    Game name:

    High Concept:
    Robobuddy is going to use the concept that players who enjoy RPG's enjoy a good character customization experience, War has broken out across the galaxy as aliens from another galaxy have decided to invade for self gain and you must play as a robot to help the efforts of the war.

    We want a player to enter a galaxy that will evolve and mold into representation of a players achievements, a lot of RPG's promise this and i feel they ruin this concept with a very strong story line that has to be followed e.g. you must fight this final boss. Now Robobuddy will have story line i mean it's what keeps a RPG so compelling, however it will be dulled down more too theres one bad guy and one hero. There is a war on, now you will have the choices of who you want to fight with which planets or cities you want to defend etc. and this will all be progressed up to very gradually so players can feel comfortable with what there doing, story line will give them the guide lines in what to do but in the end they must make that final decision.

    Customization will be implemented using a workshop, this will be an upgradeable feature that will continue throughout the game and as you progress more and more features will become open to you in how you can build and develop your robot.


    Role playing game

    Design Goals:

    We want to create a game that compels the player to want to make a galaxy and a player that is suitable to them, there is no good and evil it's just going to be what the player does and the consequence of that action. We also want to make sure that we create a customization system that allows a player to create a unique robot that will have no restriction in capabilities to complete objectives or do certain activities.

    The Razor X:
    Robobuddy will give off a multiple combat system, in which the player can enjoy first person, third person guns and mle to give off an action based combat feel.

    Features / Player Motivation / Unique selling points:

    3 intuitive Galaxy's that offer a unique sense of exploration
    customization that will have a lack of restriction due to not having to stick to a human exo skeleton.
    Worlds in which there state could be effected in your contribution to the war
    Plenty of sub plot to keep the player compelled to try new things
    A multi player system in which players can play together or against in the battle for the galaxies.
    A level system not based on experience points or level but on the choices they make in the game.

    Player Motivation

    If a player chooses to rescue/ defend certain planets those planets will obviously receive less damage then if you sat back and did nothing. This will effect the planets economy which will have an effect on how much items and materials cost. It will have an effect on technological findings so the player will not be able to access new technology to boost his robot.

    The basic game controls:
    We will be using the keyboard and mouse to help maneuver the robot controls will stick to the stereotypical fps control system, but will also contain buttons for moves such as roll and using a jet pack or thrusters etc.

    Target demographics:

    We plan to hit a target audience that have a interest in RPG as we feel we are offering a new spin on the genre and players that enjoy to create and design so they can enjoy what they have created.

    Target formats:

    We are going to base Robobuddy on the PC but also may develop it further later on for the xbox360 console so we can take full advantage of the xbox live feature for updates and multi player gaming.


    This project is for portfolio work only and will not be providing funding to any of it's members, however by the end of creation we may decide to offer it to publishers in the hope of making it a worldly bought game, if this so happens people will be presented money for there work that we will keep account of.

    In closing:

    I am working with Martin (Bhmm) and Brett (Geezeruk) Ricko3d and mykitten'saninja plus i have two friends helping me with the development of design documents as they can offer a second opinion.

    Martin and Brett are obviously very renowned on these forums and trust me they do not disappoint when working along side them, they are dedicated and extremely passionate, you can enjoy there company to a very high extent and they always offer 110%. Ricko is renowned for his first welcome post as he presented the most stunning of cars that i have seen in D, he has joined in the hope of increasing his portfolio and i can't wait to see his progress as he is a amazing artist. Mykitten'saninja i believe is hard at work on a sewage system for one of the main cities i can't wait to see how it turns out.

    Me i am very passionate but still learning, i always listen to critisism, in fact i hope for it, how else am i going to learn? I will spend every day on msn or mIRC trying to build up documents that can be used to help the progress of this game, i always listen and i hope to build up a good community of game developers and designers in making this project.

    If you are interested in hearing more or want to be considered for a place message me with a small blurb about how you want to help and when positions open up i will be messaging people who have taken a interest.

    Thank you
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    thank you matt, i feel like i've improved in my ability to advertise since my last post.
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    Nice improvement, glad to see some content finally coming out so we can get our teeth into and start to work and help out as team.

    Joined Train2game on 15th December 2009 and started the Art and Animation course on the 15th April 2010.

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    theres plenty of information if you look at the documentation on the website ricko
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    Finally figured how to add the third person controls and camera to the little demo world I created. Sadly the robot I wanted to use isn't defined properly yet but I'll get that sorted now I have a clearer understanding of where I'm going with him and how to link specific parts etc. so will have the real one added, change the buildings, add a better skybox and roll out a web playable version of it.

    Was pleased I figured out how to get the right camera movements as the one that I was originally assigning to the player meant that you had to move using controls and couldn't look around using the mouse, so I'm a lot happier with the control scheme.

    Anyway, click the image below to have a look at some screenshots from the game at various stages of development.

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    Very nice work Marty !

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    I was bored and felt that i need to contribute more to the forums as i have deprived you all of my greatness for too long now.

    Robobuddy is going very well however i have taken on more projects now which i will be advertising on the forums at a later date when i feel the need for more help or just like to brag, so things are progressing a little slower then before with fox and bhmm having time consuming lifestyles.

    I thought i would discuss what i am doing at the moment and how i go about it.


    Robobuddy is going to be stretching across 3 galaxys, each galaxy has been catagorised to specify unique traits in which the races in which live within the galaxy will have inherited. These 3 galaxys at the moment remain unnamed but the catagories are:

    Technical - This is basically the galaxy that will make the use of metals and other such materials to create and design weapons, vehicles, robots etc. and will be the starting galaxy that you will belong to.

    Elemental - Using elements such as fire, water, wind and earth the race will be able to manipulate the element to there liking and for combat sakes, when you come across more and more difficult enemies they will be able to manipulate the elements with much more fearsome attacks such as aoe attacks etc. We also want to look into an under water city, this will challenge the player into having to look into a metal that will not rust and will be able to handle the pressure of going too deep.

    War perk - I couldn't think of a better way to define this galaxy, however war perk seemed to do when describing it to my team. These races are war specialists like gladiators and the spartans etc. However they get a perk.
    One race that has been thought about master in pets, they will use wild animals as there weapons if you go into battle against them you may see them riding bare back on a huge tiger like creature etc. Another Race is a group that master in assassinations and there race has skin that allows them to turn invisible for a small amount of time.

    These are the three galaxies, at a later date i will go into more detail about each race but for now i thought i would give you a little preview to what is going on.

    Also this size game is very difficult to document all on my lonesome so if any game designers feel they have a lot of free time, a huge imagination and the ability to put up with me, then please let me know if you would be interested in joining the robobuddy team.
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