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Thread: Robobuddy - Sci-fi - Role Playing Game

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    make sure bone joints go from the back of the hips to the front of the knee to the back of the ankle etc, try to include twist joints if you can for more natural looking walking does that help any, doubt it as you know more than me buddy

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    I was bored and felt that i need to contribute more to the forums as i have deprived you all of my greatness for too long now.

    Robobuddy is going very well however i have taken on more projects now which i will be advertising on the forums at a later date when i feel the need for more help or just like to brag, so things are progressing a little slower then before with fox and bhmm having time consuming lifestyles.

    I thought i would discuss what i am doing at the moment and how i go about it.


    Robobuddy is going to be stretching across 3 galaxys, each galaxy has been catagorised to specify unique traits in which the races in which live within the galaxy will have inherited. These 3 galaxys at the moment remain unnamed but the catagories are:

    Technical - This is basically the galaxy that will make the use of metals and other such materials to create and design weapons, vehicles, robots etc. and will be the starting galaxy that you will belong to.

    Elemental - Using elements such as fire, water, wind and earth the race will be able to manipulate the element to there liking and for combat sakes, when you come across more and more difficult enemies they will be able to manipulate the elements with much more fearsome attacks such as aoe attacks etc. We also want to look into an under water city, this will challenge the player into having to look into a metal that will not rust and will be able to handle the pressure of going too deep.

    War perk - I couldn't think of a better way to define this galaxy, however war perk seemed to do when describing it to my team. These races are war specialists like gladiators and the spartans etc. However they get a perk.
    One race that has been thought about master in pets, they will use wild animals as there weapons if you go into battle against them you may see them riding bare back on a huge tiger like creature etc. Another Race is a group that master in assassinations and there race has skin that allows them to turn invisible for a small amount of time.

    These are the three galaxies, at a later date i will go into more detail about each race but for now i thought i would give you a little preview to what is going on.

    Also this size game is very difficult to document all on my lonesome so if any game designers feel they have a lot of free time, a huge imagination and the ability to put up with me, then please let me know if you would be interested in joining the robobuddy team.
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    wow that is amazing
    nice work guys hope to try it out one day definitely something i would love to see
    definitely something that shows so much potential and can be made with unlimited imagination,creativity and skill
    its something that has inspired me although im a bit lacking at confidence to do anything as such and im not so skilled at the technical side just documenting and creativity.
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    I am glad that robobuddy has been able to inspire atleast one student, i feel it is a great achievement for me and my team.

    Well last post i offered you a little insight to galaxies of robobuddy, which may allow you to imagine the kind of exploration a player will have through out the game and the variety of environments that will be placed infront of the player.


    Today i feel like talking about the robot suits that the player will be using to customise there player. Throughout the universe we hope to hide special robotic suit schematics so that this increases exploration and when the player finds the schematic he will need to put alot of work in collecting materials etc. to create the suit.

    However i will be talking about the main catagories of robots, The Mech, The Human Suit, and The Animal.

    The Mech - The mech is a very heavy based unit that will tower over all others reaching up to 10-12ft, it uses turrets as it's main source of weapons this can range from miniguns, to rocket launchers. There big and bulky metal shell gives them a very high amount of armour however makes them very slow.

    On a battlefield you will see these big ass machines, firing bullets into anything that crosses it's path, it will make mince meat out of a tank.

    The Human suit - This is the first robot suit that you will come across, as it is used by all humans as a way to live in the poisonous atmosphere that surrounds there planet, but it also enhances a humans ability in all aspects for example a factory worker human suit would increase a persons strength to allow for moving heavy loads. When in a human suit you will be able to use weapons such as pistols to sniper rifles, or melee weapons such as a lance to a katana.

    The human suit is great for infiltration and running into 100 enemy soldiers and coming out victorious, there is also one or two famous soldiers who have been known to clamber on to a Mech and rip them to shreads.

    The Animal - taking on the form of an animal you will be able to manoeuver at incredible speeds and specialise in melee combat, there will be many different types of animals that will specialise in different areas for example the tiger is very fast and will jump off trees and fly out of bushes attacking it's unexpecting prey, where as a bear maybe more slow but it's high defence and incredible attack power you would be a fool to choose him as an opponent.

    In battle these guys make a great front line assault, or great at ambushing unexpecting enemies.
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    I have gotten a lot of good responses from my past posts, none of them public but what can i say the game designers must be shy. I have been writing up alot more information for the project however due to time constraints i won't be able to post any more information on the forums for a while, however college ends soon so hopefully i'll be able to find some more extra time.


    In robobuddy i hope to develop a players bond to the universe he lives in and actually have choices that effect the world around him. The reason i got into making robobuddy at first was i got frustrated at games such as fable and oblivion where they say the world around you changes due to your actions etc. and i felt very little actually depended upon my actions for example you still fought the last final boss exactly the same either way of your alliance.

    Robobuddy is going to have an ongoing war through out the game and the outcome of the war will depend on the players actions, now this doesn't have one almighty boss that no matter what choice of path you choose you will end up fighting. This makes the game alot more responsive to a players actions and hopefully will appeal to the RPG market as it will allow players to experience unique game play experiences.

    Good v.s Evil:

    There has always been an ongoing battle between good and evil it's seen in every game. Now to start Robobuddy you are put on the human planet and the planet is in a lot of distress from it's past war against the galaxy it lives in now peacefully. Factories have closed down and the world has come to an all time stand still, with the humans trying to get back on there feet you come along.

    There are two factions good and evil, choose good you will go around revitalising factories and bringing the planet back to it's glory this will open up options such as joining the military and progressing to a higher stage, where you will gain lots of respect and honour which comes with it's own privileges such as your own personal army and a nice house in the center of the city.

    Evil on the other hand you will gain entrance to the crime circle and slowly progress up the hierarchy which will slowly lead you to being the don of crime, as you slowly gain territory and develop reputation causing fear amongst the population as wanted signs get posted up and head hunters search for you who will be rewarded for your corpse etc. This can also lead to access to the black market and hidden dark secrets.

    Your choices will also change the appearance of the world around you, if good factories will begin to start working again roads will open up the city will expand outwards and life will be brought back to the planet, however if your evil you may see people getting robbed in the streets murderers and pillagers with broken windows and cars on fire everywhere. This will really influence a players choice on how he will play the game, either good or evil takes alot of work and it won't be a simple question such as blow up this city or pull a funny face for a picture.

    Now war is never fought by good and evil, there is an offence and a defence each having there own agenda and motives. Once you start to gain access to travelling the galaxy, a new alien race will start to break through a rift torn in the galaxy using hidden technology never seen before.

    If your evil, this will lead to them offering you a treaty which will lead to you working for them and joining them in the effort to destroy your galaxy, or you can opt out and declare a treaty with your government as a truce in a hope to help each other out in a fight against the alien race.

    If your good, you will be told to investigate the odd occurances in space this will lead to a decleration of war you can choose to abandon your collegues and planet you fought to defend and join the aliens or you can accept the decleration and prepare for battle.

    Now all the galaxys have there own benefits e.g. different technologies and benefits as the game continues and the war carries on alliances and reason for hostilities are created this will change who and what technology you have access to this develops choice with reason.

    Eventually you will either end up with entire galaxies destroyed or a few planets from each galaxy. Your choice matters.
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    Exclamation customisation part 1

    I would like to take a couple of sentences before providing information on a specific subject to thank the support I have been getting and that I am looking for more designers in helping with creating certain parts of the game.

    If you are interested please PM me with details on how you are doing on the course, your msn messenger details or some sort of contact, the time you would be able to put into the project. I hope to see applications soon.

    Customisation I believe is one of the most important things in this game, it will allow us to incorporate a lot of the game features and motivates the player to do everything in the game as what you do will have a huge effect on what you can customise and do.

    Customisation will also progress at a steady pace along with the player, as it will become more and more complicated to make sure that the player will eventually end up getting to develop very specific parts of his robot, this will benefit the player hugely but will also challenge the player, like Forza and the car tweaking.

    The Workshop will be the playerís home throughout the game and will be where a player will be able to customise their robots and store items etc. As you progress through the game you will gain access to new workshops, perhaps within an apartment building or in your very own large estate which will open up new features such as being able to store your vehicles within your workshop etc.

    This brings the topic onto upgrades of your workshop, now not only can you upgrade in size but you can also upgrade in the kind of things you do with access to new tools a brief description could be the spray can using different colours you will be able to spray your robot to make him any colour you like. That's one of the very basic tools a further tool later in the game could be an energy field distributer this is where you use your energy source to distribute across your entire robot and differentiate the percentage of energy that goes to each part of your robot.

    Changing workshop to a more bigger workshop, will give you access to new features such as being able to buy new types of tools and store bigger items, such as a vehicle or several vehicles along with 3 other types of robot suits that you can wear.

    This will hopefully influence a player to try and earn more money as I don't want a player to buy items from a local weapon shop, I want the player to buy tools and a home in which he can create his own weapons that he can be proud of as it is personal to him and was a lot more challenging to do then just going down to the local shop after grinding a couple of bad guys.


    Every human in Robobuddy will be in a mechanical suit so it is important us to make sure the player feels different from the norm, this will show the player how much more powerful and unique he is too everyone else the way a hero should.

    The outer layer of your robot will be structured by having parts that will fall under categories: body, head, arms, legs and accessories as the game progresses you will gain more and more access to new and improved items that will be able to customised more in your workshop for example being able to implant weapons into your body such as a missile that can be fired out of your arm. Accessories will be able to be attached to your exterior such as spikes that extend from your body.

    Now armour itself has little effect on your stats, it is the customisation you do to the armour that will improve what your player is capable of but items of course will have restrictions on the customisation you can do. An example of this is you have a pair of metal legs on their own they mean very little but if you put in some electrical surges that allow you to sprint for a few seconds then all of a sudden you have improved your speed stats.

    Armour is basically for appearance, we don't want a player to feel restricted on how he wants to look and we definitely don't want a player going after all the same armour so that everyone ends up looking the same. We also improve this with the colour scheme which was mentioned earlier about the spray can being able to be used to give your robot some colour.

    An armours defence value is affected by the choice of metal you use and each metal will have benefits and disadvantages, one metal we are incorporating into the game is an anti rust air tight metal that allows the player to go down in to an underwater city without this metal the player will not be able to explore that area however the metal is quite weak against attacks causing the player to have to choose what metals he is going to choose.


    Obviously like any RPG there will be a vast majority of items that will provide the player with support in there conquest to completing the game, now when I have played RPG's I seem to notice that they lack the same priority in items that an action adventure would have.

    An RPG seems to priorities on potions, weapons, quest items, armour and currency as loot in their games. Where as an action adventure games seem to have special items in which need to be used to complete the story a great example of this is Zelda everyone can remember the ocarina necessary to play songs to unlock areas or the hook shot to get into the forest temple. I hope to use this concept in Robobuddy to give a more puzzle oriented RPG and makes it possible to block a player from higher levels without using invisible walls or a guard at every door that says the exact same thing.

    One of the items I have thought of using this theory is the jet pack, in tutorial you will start off in a small village that is stuck within a cavern it is impossible to escape without completing the quests and creating the jet pack. We could use this again many times rather than just once as the player slowly improves it to overcome higher and higher mountains or eventually being able to fly continuously without stopping this adds to the RPG element as you have to upgrade it to reach more powerful items.

    I have talked briefly about a player being able to create and modify his very own weapons and items to give player the satisfaction of knowing that he created it and is a lot more challenging than just going to a shop. To do this will be using a totally different looting system in which most RPG's fall under.

    • Humanoid enemies that aren't in robotic suits, will drop the weapon they use with the amount of damage you have done to it and perhaps some currency.
    • Humanoid enemies in robotic suits will drop the exact same however you may receive some of the suit that the enemy was wearing.
    • aliens will drop weapons and you may pick up notes that they were carrying that will start off new quests but later on the game you may also get to do autopsy which can lead to you stealing some of their abilities such as the invisible skin.
    • animals will drop nothing but later on in the game you may be able to take blood samples etc. that will lead to poisons and other inventions.
    • robot enemies will drop armour and weapons.

    All damage you do to the enemy will have an effect on what you receive and what quality the item is, all of a sudden your accuracy becomes incredibly important if you want perhaps a special item off a boss battle. Also notice that all the drops are very important rather than items such as bag of bones or humans eye that can be sold everything you loot will be vital.

    Another item that will be dropped is scrap metal, if a weapon or armour piece reaches a high enough damage point it will become scrap metal you will be able to take this to your workshop and melt it down and create items of your choosing as you go up levels you will get more and more stronger metal boss battles could also give you very rare scrap metals. You can also melt down weapons and armour that you find so you can collect more and more scrap metal, obviously the higher level items you want to make the more scrap metal you'll need imagine how much scrap metal it would take to make a mech.

    Schematics will also be put into use as players can find rare and undiscovered manuscripts in building never seen before mechanical suits across the galaxy left behind by human scientists that were dispatched out during the galactic wars. These will be the rewards of finding ship wreckages in space or at the end of a dungeon that was created to protect information that in the wrong hands could be deadly. This is where exploration becomes vital in the game motivating players to leave the main story and side quests and do exploration of their own.

    The other side of looting is the biological with the autopsies and the blood samples, go around collecting wild plant life this I believe will make two very successful professions in which we can make sure the player isn't only doing quests but exploring in search of new ways to create powerful and deadly weapons and armour that will help in combat against their foes.
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    Default customisation part 2

    Weapons will be quite vast from melee to ranged, some will be robot specific for example only the Mech can use turrets, the human is the only one that can use swords and small guns, and the animal is the only one that can use teeth and claws.

    When thinking about these weapons, we could go quite simple and just have 100's of different weapons with strange names like the extra violent ray gun, with already chosen stats, but to do that wouldn't suit my characteristics. So you guessed it there's customisation.

    Guns can have scopes, new barrels, new stocks, different types of ammunition (the Nanite a small metallic bug that eats through metal), this allows for you to have your very own gun that you have created to your own personal needs.

    Melee weapons can have different types of blades and sizes of hilt.

    Weapons will also progress further then this as you start finding new types of technology, in which you could use energy based weaponry so instead of having ammo and blades you will be able to run around with weapons that are pulsating with energy that are highly effective in combat.

    Hard Drive
    Your hard drive is one of the internal customisations that you will have to develop to progress through the game, a hard drive will store all information that you download on to it from your computer in your workshop.

    We are going to restrict the player for skills in two ways; the first is that the hard drive will have a certain capacity of information it can hold and all the information will use up a certain amount of kb depending on its level. The hard drive can be upgraded to get to higher capacities and also eventually once you have earned enough money you can buy multi connectors so you can connect more than one hard drive to your robots. The second way we will stop players from doing any skill they want is that they will need to complete certain criteria to install some skills for example must kill over 100 enemies or have this skill to this level before able to install this skill. I'm sure youíre all smart enough to realise the effect this will have on the player and the game.

    Now the skills fit into two categories Combat and HUD. Combat isn't going to be like most RPG's where you can use a AOE spell that will shoot fire from the sky, instead it will be skills where you could overload your weapon with energy that will fire one single cataclysmic blast at the enemy but all your energy will be depleted the requirement for this skill is that you have a gun that is attached to your energy supply.

    The HUD will have hundreds of different upgrades that will be viewable when entering first person view mode, certain skills like lock on to enemies for a certain amount of seconds as you upgrade you can lock on for longer. To unlock the HUD you need to earn a helmet that has a computer generated screen upon it. Other skills could be GPS which will show an arrow to your quests, colour coded key items is a skill in which all key items such as doors, enemies, treasure chests etc. turn a certain colour.

    Energy Supply
    The energy supply system that is being incorporated is going to be the MP system for Robobuddy, but you also get to choose what supplies your robotic suit with energy and dependant on what energy source you use will give your robot different types of bonuses.

    If you use petrol you can resupply yourself any time, but once youíre out of energy thatís it you won't be able to do anything until you refill. However if you have a rechargeable battery obviously more powerful than your usual AA batteries but still your energy will recharge over time but you won't be able to instantly recharge like when using petrol until youíre at a power point that you can energise yourself at. No I won't be calling it petrol, but you get the idea, Iím still developing this idea.

    effects of customisation

    If you customise your robot then obviously people are going to notice, your enemies will fear you and you will have to fight them off as they will try and get your secrets to make a successful retaliation. You have to watch out for when they knock a piece of armour or weaponry off of you or if they try and sneak into your workshop and steal your plans.

    Sorry it was such a long post I didn't mean it to be, for those who did read it all I applaud you. Hope you enjoyed what you read and I look forward to your criticisms.
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    that sounds cool bahero, you've obviously got the whole thing very well thought out and the various options/customisation sound very indepth.

    i really like the way that the T2G community is getting together to get this project going. it's a credit to not only you and your ideas and organisation but to the other students that are helping to make it happen

    i am only at the beginning of the dev course and although i'm learning loads (more than any other 2 month period in my life) i probably would not be of any use at the moment. hopefully in a few months, when i'm getting to the more in depth c++ and my modelling has improved i may be able to help in some way.

    keep up the good work everyone. i can't wait to have a 'play' when a demo becomes avaliable.

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    like to thank you very much for your comments it's nice to know that hard work doesn't go by unnoticed lol.

    I am happy with my team of coders and modellers they are an amazing bunch of lads and they have been working there arse off to get this game working as quickly as possible. Especially with the small amount of people working on it at the moment. BHMM, Foxosaur, me and Ricko3k. New designers are actually making themselves known to me as well so hopefully we can proceed a lot more quicker on documenting the game.

    Haha i hope were all playing a demo soon aswell.

    Tutorial - first gameplay
    up until this moment i have developed some information on the main game features, now i feel it's time to describe the way in which we will develop story and plot, making sure that the player develops slowly and has a slow and steady learning curve.

    Humans had lived quite peacefully on there planet until one day they have developed space travel, which sparked a war with the surrounding alien races. The war continued for 50 years as humans slowly developed friendships with other planets and races however the war continued until the galaxies government decided that humans were too much of a threat due to past observations on the planet, so they dropped a highly sophisticated bomb that annihlated the atmosphere causing the humans too sufficate and slowly be poisoned. Luckily scientists had been working on an air tight robotic suit and it was now at this point that it came into use as mass production of the product was sent out onto there world allowing people to live in the environment, the product was called a robobuddy.

    Slowly the humans were able to develop understanding with aliens and finally joined the government and allied themselves amongst the other races in the galaxies, however humans still receive hostile attention and have not been able to traverse out of there region due to fear and lack of funds therefore they still live in there poisoned planet.

    The human race is now hanging on to the last threads of there existence as they came close to the obliteration of there species, yet they still see a promising future ahead of them as war ends in there galaxy now having to live in there robotic suits unless in there specially developed homes using a overly sophisticated force field develop for them by charities allowing them to take off there suits in the comfort of there own homes.

    a cinematic will occur for a starting sequence where your player will start off in a spaceship, orbiting your planet as scientists are trying to develop a injection that will adapt a persons molecular structure creating a super soldier. However the ship comes under attack by pirates and a small child is shot off in a escape shuttle, this child is you. You are the only evidence of these scientists existence and there experiments.

    starting city
    You land on the outskirts of a small village that is stuck within a small cavern, time will pass and you will start playing as you become a big strong teen boy. In your robotic suit you will go exploring around the town meeting all the villagers and finding out how no one has ever left the village and that they are very self reliant. You will also learn that the village is under the threat of bandits and there will be a chance in which you get to choose whether to join the bandits or continue to help the village building it up and making it more prosperous.

    You will develop combat by becoming the protector of the village against bandit attacks and finally leading a rebellion against the bandit camp or the other way around in which you fight the village in the hope to take it over.

    You will find exploration by looking around the village and the outskirts for schematics and items in which will help you to build the items. This also leads to learning basics about the workshop which will be introduced by the local blacksmith. You will also be given quests in which you have to help patch up the village or the bandit base etc.

    The end of the tutorial will be where you develop a very small basic jet pack in which it will allow you to project yourself out of the cavern and onto a massive open dessert, this is how we control where the player goes and what he can do, for example can't get off the planet without a ship and can't get across land quickly without a vehicle etc.

    after starting city
    You will enter a cinematic where you crash land in to the ground after flying a little too high in the air and being founded by a kind old man. You will be taken to a small little village on the outskirts of the cavern, it's a small town with very little to offer however the old man will give you your first workshop and will say that he was watching you in the cavern after seeing a small trajectory crash land in the cavern and was one day hoping you would escape. If your good, if your bad then you will be taken away by a group of bandits and hidden in a underground base in which they hope to join the black circle the organised crime circle that is held in the sewers under the main city.

    I kept this post vague to make up for the long winded post yesterday, hope you enjoyed and have a basic understanding on how the game will unfold.
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    Robobuddy has taken on a lot more detail then i expected for the forums, and i am now in need of a web designer who will help me develop a website in which i can post all this information on, Rich has been nice enough to offer me hosting opportunities but is unable to design the website. Anyone good with this sort of thing lol XD?
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