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Thread: Any guys/girls from portsmouth or surrounding areas?

  1. Default Any guys/girls from portsmouth or surrounding areas?

    Hi guys/girls are there any peeps out there from in and around Portsmouth on the app production course? maybe we could hook up help each other out share ideas ect just drop a message below

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    I'm from sunny Portsmouth, I'm on the design course. There are/ were a few other students from pompey, we met up a few years ago, and had a nice evening.

    Been meaning to arrange another one, perhaps we can sort something out soon.

    Part-time Indie game dev, part-time procrastination expert.

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    I'm just over the water in Gosport, I'm on the developer course, but always up for a meet up and/or a beer or two

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    Yeah sounds good to me I was thinking maybe start a Facebook group so we could all share ideas or help each other and maybe a cheeky beer or 2 lol

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