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    We have recently just updated our site and what to know what you think, check us out at

    We are now hold a place for our artists to show off their work through the work threads section so select an artist and leave them some comments I am sure they would appreciate at this point, Dudley long is the only one to have published any work on there but keep an eye out for future updates.

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    Hey nice to see a website, but:
    Nothing in games, nor the news page.
    There are placers for images, but no images.
    Only some work in the works thread, no descriptions, and the pictures are kinda thrown together.

    But I guess we all have to start somewhere as you populate the site with more news and game pictures and sort out work threads, it will be a definitely a good site

    So great work!
    Visit my blog site : Angler Fish Games
    Try out the first version of pixel fixor : link
    Then check out the update video that is coming soon to this game : link

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    The site is being built up slowly with new additions all the time, keep an eye out going forward you can see our progression otherwise follow us on twitter. Cheers for the feedback though.

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    Yeah I know, when I made my current blog, i had two pictures up and wanted people to check it out
    Visit my blog site : Angler Fish Games
    Try out the first version of pixel fixor : link
    Then check out the update video that is coming soon to this game : link

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    Yes I know what u mean, still trying to just get people to take a quick look. We have a just released a new service called pixel shirts were people send us a pic of themselves and we have one of our artist convert that into a 8 bit person. They can also request to hold objects in the picture or have something happening within it. There is also pre-set designs we are looking at putting on the site.

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    Default Merkury Games

    We are currently getting the team underway and looking to finalise our next project in the next couple of months.

    We have updated or site with details of all our members and there own portfolio work also you can check out our newest addition to the Merkury Games brand a service called Pixel Shirts.

    Games we have created as a team are now available on our site as well they are free to download, so give them a try and let us know what you think.

    Check out the site at
    you can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

    Twitter: MerkuryGames13
    Facebook: Merkury Games

    We look forward to hearing your thoughts on our site and our games.

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