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    Hello everyone.

    I hope you are all getting on well with the course so far. I just wanted to start a thread in this section to ask if anyone has any interesting game app concepts / ideas that they are willing to share with the rest of us. Remember even the most craziest of ideas can spark realistic ones.

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    i was curious what safe guards are there on this course when it comes to your concepts and games in development, is there anything stopping someone stealing an idea and then potentially profiting off of your work? and whats the best way to prevent it? this is aimed at anybody student, teacher, someone scanning the forums.....

    please don't take this question offensively, i would just like to find the best way to protect ourselves from plagiarism and if its applicable
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    I am also mindful of this where an idea can be ripped off by someone else. I would like to know what measures T2G can advise in regards to this? Which is why i tend to be careful when tempted to post some thoughts of my own.
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    Red_Fox, RichardS, and anyone else scared of their ideas being "stolen"...,asp.asp
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    Never share your ideas, especially here with it being a public open forum,your asking to have it taken a done by someone how hasn't the brains to think up there own concepts, i have some ideas and posting them here would get me nothing but done over,forget it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carwash View Post
    Red_Fox, RichardS, and anyone else scared of their ideas being "stolen"...,asp.asp
    Agreed, I shared mine If anyone is sad enough to knick it, I have all the proof I need tucked away in my external, and also the original docs were created on Google Docs and time stamped. Plus if you post it to yourself, and then store in a bank vault, its like a stingy version of copyrighting it (I think), but to be honest you should never be afraid to share your idea. Thats almost like saying the publisher can't see it he might steal it, he doesn't have to accept your game idea, whats stopping him from making it after you leave ?? Its just common respect really, also if you never show anyone how can you take constructive critism, and have people say things like, well it's a really good idea, blah blah, etc..., BUT this bit here could do with changing, or this bit here jumps from the storyline a bit then jumps back on track, is there a specific reason ? etc.. (I'm sure you get the gist) and if anyone does steal it and make profit, you can probably win that profit back in a courtroom . Life is all about taking risks, you should never be afraid!

    Forgot to note, this is why most people with a game idea, struggle to put a team together. You have to be willing to tell them the plot and what its going to be about, I know from making this mistake when I first started out, No one wants to join a game or idea they can not see! Just saying "I'm putting a team together for my game idea, anyone interested PM for more details" is DOOMED from the start. I suggest you look at the projects sections of the forums and see loads of people share their ideas, even my above from way back when I FAILED HARD! But most importantly, I have not seen any posts about their game idea being knicked! Once you get down (Or up) the ladder of gaming a bit you really wont care and will post your ideas to everyone Even I was afraid as a n00b :P
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