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Thread: Train2Game Game Jam

  1. Default Train2Game Game Jam

    The next Train2Game Game Jam will take place in April, 2014.

    Although the Game Jam will not be Unity specific, starting mid February 2014 there will be a series of training videos produced by your tutor team plus Live Internet Training covering Unity. There will be one a week from mid February 2014 to April 2014 leading up to the Game Jam.

    We want this Game Jam to be better than ever! Help us to achieve this goal by telling us what you would like to see at the 2014 Train2Game Game Jam. Please log into Student World, take a look at Events, and answer the quick Questionnaire. The feedback from you via the Questionnaire will form the basis of how the Game Jam operates.
    Student World Team
    Existing students call 0845 272 8796 for support

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    I guess this can be a sticky
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    I am personally really excited about this event - I can't wait!

    Student World Team
    Existing students call 0845 272 8796 for support

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    Yeah I can't wait either, I'm definitely going to attend this one
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    Very nice! I've been doing the tutorials on the Unity site, but it's always good to have more knowledge!

    Also, thank you for the huge advance notice for the Game Jam. I should be able to get a child minder without any problems.

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    can't wait!, i need to work really really super duper hard now if i am to be of any help to my team(whoever that may be) at the event,
    that leads me to ask,
    do i have to be at certain point in the course to attend and take part?
    is there costs for attending?
    if it is the 48hrs time period what are the plans for accommodation, do we have to find our own or will it be at the university? (although i do understand there will no be that much sleeping going on lol)

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    Students at all stages of the course will benefit from the Game Jam. No cost to attend, we are asking on the questionnaire whether or not students would be willing to donate 5 to Special Effects the charity will helps disabled gain access to games. On the questionnaire, which is under Events in Student World, we've given students the option to choose 24 hour Jam or 48 hour, so we'll see what the majority vote for, but whether it's 24 hour or 48 hour we normally remain at the University throughout, not a lot of sleep goes on, but students are welcome to bring a sleeping bag.
    Student World Team
    Existing students call 0845 272 8796 for support

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    that's great, so excited

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    Cant wait for this, really looking forward to experiencing game making in a team. what sort of date can we expect sign ups to begin as id be extremely annoyed to miss out on this experience.
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    Sounds awesome! Been waiting to attend another game jam!

    Feel free to send me a friend request just make sure to message me you're from Train2Game!
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