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Thread: Realy frustrated on droid squash

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    Default Realy frustrated on droid squash

    hi could any body help me with getting to grips with this part of the book as I am read to throw my pc out the window to me the book section 1 part A seems to just jump from one place to another and doesn't directly teach you what to do would very much appreciate any help

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    I'm not on the app course, and haven't seen the material, but have 2 suggestions:

    1- Contact your tutors for help (this is what you pay for after all)!!!
    2- Ask more specific questions.
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    Which book are you on at the moment?

    I've just finished the intro book and am waiting for the second book in the post.
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    Hi driftwoodrich

    Thanks for the feedback! Generally speaking, we've had very positive feedback from the students on the new app courses, but of course it's really valuable to us to know where people struggle.

    Is there any possibility you may be able to give us some more information - which bits in particular do you find difficult to follow?

    I should mention, Section 1 may appear to "skip over" a lot of stuff. This is absolutely intentional - don't worry, it will be covered later on in the course. Section 1 is really about getting you started, and giving a basic overview of what's involved. The later books get into things in much more detail.

    Remember - your tutors are always available to help with any difficulties, and can elaborate on any topics you find difficult to follow. It's unfortunately quite common for students to get stuck on an issue and go no further - don't be one of those people, contact us so that we can help you!

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