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Thread: 3D Platform Mobile Gaming

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    Cool 3D Platform Mobile Gaming

    I've had a few ideas over the past few days and I'm going to look at releasing a library file with control conventions for mobile gaming. It'll be a totally new system over the current FPS analogue stick style gaming. It should give a 2D feel to 3D platformers while still retaining the playability and depth of environment. I am getting ahead of myself, though, as I have not even started my course, yet!

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    only thing i would say is stick with it the first few modules of the course are pretty boring...being honest...i was expecting to jump straight in on the game design and ap development programming etc but theres alot of market reseach, building a business and background work to do first before the fun stuff still wading my way through a year in as im so behind im now playing cath up but stay with it im sure it will get better as the course progresses.

    AP Developer course
    Current progress: TMA04
    Loving: CODBLOPS2....2 much
    Cant wait for: coding training and 3d stuff
    PM me for xblive BLOPS2 (TAFK)
    Live stream channel :

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    what prism says, i was falling asleep reading the business sections haha, but your idea sound really interesting especially for a game idea ive had, keep us all posted
    alex gerling

    MA dev course

    based in north wales

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