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    Just got off my first live internet training session and was well impressed - only been on the course a month, and have already had professional help from the designer behind the Driver games Craig Lawson, what a legend. He had lots of useful tips and info, and I was very impressed at how simple and basic he made everything sound. My only disappointment was that there were only 5 or 6 people logged on! What a shame - the guy took some time out to come and give people some awesome advice, and it was scheduled outside of office hours so people who work could get on board, and the turn out was fairly disappointing. Ah well, at least the few of us who were online got some really helpful guidance

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    Was a really good session, i almost missed it luckily he rang my home phone to remind me. nice fella

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    Yeah I find them interesting an informative, the more of them the better in my opinion.
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