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    Sorry for the late reply Grimvoodoo, we have been a bit busy post Eurogamer.

    A fantastic improvement from the previous draft, this looks much closer to a pitch document that we would see in industry.

    ...I originally was planing to use the camera to track head movements to pan the camera around, but because a lot of cameras don't have front camera's and it would be much harder to code in the camera.
    These are limitations that you should always keep in mind, focusing your app around the gyroscope rather than head tracking will allow you to aim your game to more devices.

    I do have some suggestions, but these are much more minor than the adjustments to the initial draft and as always, are intended to be constructive opinionated criticism.

    High Concept / Game Overview

    Perhaps some more exciting language for the high concept / Game Overview, but that would be dependent on the audience, for a developer, the language in this pitch is fitting. For a producer or financier pitch, perhaps some more exciting language in the high concept / game overview as well as perhaps a monetisation section (explaining how the app intends to make money with what financial model).

    Otherwise these are great, as m0rg0d said, it is much more clearer than the last draft.

    Player Experience

    The capabilities or functions of a "character" is not initially explained in the player experience section (if indeed there are unique traits or functions). Perhaps start the sentence with "The player controls one of five characters, each with their own unique dialogue and series of levels.".

    This is a clear and concise player experience section aside from that, explaining informatively how a player would experience the game and the interactions he would have with it.

    Unique Selling Point (USP) / Features

    I like these two sections, I do not have anything major to suggest here, very clear and easy to browse over.


    This section will need some changes but for your current position in the course, it is understandable. Which major platform you will be deploying to (you will be looking at Android, iOS and Windows 8 in the course) should be stated here with perhaps a footnote of what device groups in particular (I think personally your game would work well on tablets as well!).


    Like the platform section, this section needs a bit more detail that you will understand later on in the course. Developers would specify the set of software / hardware tools that are required for the development and playing of the game. Including such things as a game engine, development kits and device technology (which you have written about already with the gyroscope).

    I think at this point, I would say that this pitch document is as good as where you would need to be in your course, I think for now focus on writing your Game Design Document or perhaps write some more pitches for other ideas.

    Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

    Mark - Student World Team
    Student World Team
    Existing students call 0845 272 8796 for support

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    Looks good man! all the GDD's I am seeing lately, make me think I made mine a bit too detailed lol.

    SAS Diaries' - Project Rhone

    Its only 60 pages long and not quite complete.
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    Thanks for the feedback guys, sorry i have been absent for a while I have been working on the main GDD, I will be putting up a first draft of that soon to show the progress.

    I will also have another look at the pitch, you're right about the platform lacking in detail, i just kinda scratched my head at that point, i haven't actually got to the relative strengths and weaknesses of each platform yet, I assume that will come further down the course.

    The first draft of my GDD will just be for one of the Five main characters because otherwise I will still be writing it this time next month :S but I will be updating it as i go along.
    If you live near brighton and Like D&D, Warhammer, Magic the Gathering and all things Geek let me know, I have a large group of friends and we are always looking for new allies/competition.

    Kudos if IDDQD and IDKFA bring back fond memory's

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