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Thread: Upcoming Gaming Events 2014

  1. Default Upcoming Gaming Events 2014

    Hi there, all

    You know what? There's a lot of game and game developer events out there! They range from seminars to expos, LAN parties to game jams. And there's a lot out there too

    There are events indoors and outside, and a developing list of places to be your comfortable, natural, gaming self! It's great having a cave to yourself, but what's even greater is meeting people at events you love. It's fantastic for keeping motivated and in the loop, and also great just for fun!

    Events marked with a (*) have been added recently!

    Here's a list of what's coming up (subject to input, of course ), check them out and plonk them on your calendar at your leisure:

    ____________________FEBRUARY______________________ ______________________

    [JAM] Nordic Game Jam - 14th-16th, Copenhagen or online. Website:

    [EXPO] ICE 2014 - 4th-6th, London ExCel. Website:

    [EXPO] London Gaming Con - 8th-9th, London. Website:

    _____________________MARCH________________________ _____________________

    [EXPO*] Rezzed - 28th-30th, Birmingham. Tickets:

    ______________________APRIL_______________________ ______________________

    [JAM/STU*] Train 2 Game Jam - 11th-13th, location TBA (possibly Luton, Bedfordshire). Timings: Arrival @ 4PM____Rules @ 5PM____Kick-off @ 6PM

    [JAM*] Ludum Dare - TBA

    ___________________REGULAR EVENTS______________________________________

    [MEET] London Indie Pub Night - First Monday of every month, London. Info:

    [MEET] Paper Jam - Every Tuesday @ 7:00, London. Website:

    [MEET] London Indie Co-Working - Monday-Thursday (all day), London. Info:

    [MEET] TableTop Tuesdays - Every Tuesday @ 7:00, Loading Bar, London. Info:

    [MEET] London on Board - Every day @ 5:30, London. Info:


    The Heart of Gaming Arcade: 10 Cullen Way, London, NW10 6JZ. Entry: 7

    Loading Soho (Gaming bar):

    T2G Students on Facebook:

    ================================================== =======================


    [STU] = T2G student event
    [LIT] = Live Internet Training
    [LAN] = LAN party
    [EXPO] = Large scale game events
    [FEST] = Festivals, normally requires portable accomodation
    [CON] = Conventions, the more cult events
    [MEET] = Meetups, can be small or medium-sized events such as pub outings
    [SEM] = Seminar, conference or lecture, usually one day (can be expensive)
    [AWA] = Awards ceremony (can be expensive)
    [FREE] = Free event, outside of meetups
    [COMP] = Competition or tournament, outside of jams

    ================================================== =======================

    If there are any events you would like to suggest, go for it
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    ah, beat me to the initiative

    Good thread to have, was wondering about compiling a list of industry events and the like. I'll do a hunt around myself at some point and contribute if I find anything. Good work, Joker!
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    Cheers dude, be great to hear 'em ;D
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    Feel free to jump on over to the non-official Facebook group and add any. I'm pretty sure you can setup events which may make it easier to invite people and get them recognised on a site people might frequent more often
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    List updated: new jams have been added
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    I went to the Indie Developer's Pub Night yesterday. All I can say is if you are London, you really MUST go there! It has a lot of developers there who are developing their own games for a living, and there's a lot to learn, not to mention it was a cracking night

    Check it out on the first Monday of every month!

    P.s. new events added!
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    Events updated, student events added
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    where do these meet ups take place?

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    Meetups in general will happen in various places, although being in London, most events that turn up may be near where I am. The ones listed so far are the Indie Developer's Pub Nights, which take place at The Crown in Angel, London.
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