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Thread: Upcoming Gaming Events 2014

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    Quote Originally Posted by aferalva View Post
    Thank you mate I will definitely go anyway what is you skype name
    Look beyond his post, travel past his signature image and read the text at the end.
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    Sure, it's in my sig fellow
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    OK guys, Update done. I want to add something, I know about a fair amount of London events, but I still need to know about events around the UK. If there are any, regular or otherwise, let me know! Always need more D
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    Great thread, will certainly be attending a few of these next year.

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    A couple of major game jams added: Global Game Jam where there are 140 locations around the globe taking part at physical sites, plus online and also the Nordic Game Jam, which claims to be the largest in the world in February. What are you waiting for? Get on a game engine, find a team (or go rambo) and get a game made!

    This would be a big thing to pass up!
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    Hi I was just wondering if anyone was going to rezzed in march at the birmingham nec?? Im planning to go for the week end and it will be my first event where I will be on my own so if amyone is going and would like too meet up send me a message ��

    Thanks x

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    Rezzed will be popular people, so please reply in this thread if you want to meet up, make this public and more people will come together! I know that I'll be going if I have cash by that point XD

    On a side note, event added to the calendar along with a few jams. As the jams don't have a date yet, watch this space

    I would also like to mention that the London Gamespace has been confirmed along with a temporary location. This will be space where co-workings, game developer workshops and general good times are to be had. Indies will be here on a regular basis, so keep watching this space for more news!
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    There's which runs from now until Feb 3rd.

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    Added Cheers for the heads-up!

    Also, other jams added. Seriously, 6 jams coming? Get signed up, people! :P
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