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Thread: Upcoming Gaming Events 2014

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    As a new starter I suspect I won't get much from these just yet. Keep my head down and look out for 2014 events I think. Looking forward to it though!
    "Time is an illusion. Lunch time, doubly so" ~ Ford Prefect (Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy)

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    Why of course you will! The expos are really quite a lot of fun and just by playing the fresh games (I normally go to the indie section ), also student events are coming up and I highly recommend the London Indie Developer's Pub Night, where you get to mingle with developers who make games for a living

    You're never too early!
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    I'm also skinter than a chimney sweep with no apparatus! I'll try though!
    "Time is an illusion. Lunch time, doubly so" ~ Ford Prefect (Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy)

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    I think I'm going to try and get to as many events as I can now as I haven't had an enormously productive first 2 years on this course. Still haven't got my ticket for eurogamer yet but will probably be going Thursday afternoon.

    It's amazing how much you learn by going to these events though, there's always someone to talk to and gain a wider understanding of the gaming industry.

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    Exactly Events are well worth your money, although there are also events that turn up that are free. I'm going to go drink and chat with people who are making their own games for a living once a month, I learnt a lot last time!
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    New awesome place added: The Heart of Gaming Arcade. Play loads of old-school fighters and shooters such as Street Fighter, Tekken and Metal Slug. Best of all play'em as much as you like

    Note: I am beginning to notice that most of the smaller gaming events I'm finding are in London. If anyone sees more of the events outside London, please let me know and I will add it
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    Thread is updated once more, in addition I'd like to thank Eric for putting this thread onto the train2game website, cheers!
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    New event for Minecraft lovers added, and it's free! If you're in London, go to it next friday, I'm definitely going to that
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    Virgin Media Game Space has been added

    Between 27th August - 21st September, you can learn, play and develop at the Blackhall Studio in London. Definitely checking this out

    Oh and P.s. Any more intel on events outside of London would be awesome, as I'm sure a lot of people are not in London and want something to go to games-wise ;D
    Former Student of T2G

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