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Thread: Upcoming Gaming Events 2014

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    Updated, couple of new events!
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    Hopefully I'm headed to Play Expo this year
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    Cool dude, I'm definitely going to that one
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    Game Dev North is at the end of August.

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    Nice one, MuirDragonne! Event added
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    How about the expo's in other countries. I know I made a thread on this in the designer section so I'm not trying to hijack this thread.

    I'll be going to gamescom in Cologne this year and will probably try and find others in various countries as well.

    Great thread, didn't realise there was that many coming up.

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    Aye it's amazing what you find

    I know that there's quite a few gaming events in other countries and I'd love to go to them one day, just when I am able which is not very much! I just found it a little frustrating having to sift through them to find the ones that are actually accessible within the UK, love the idea of being able to say yes to any event on that list.

    If there is demand for it in the future, I'll add things I find in closer countries such as France or somewhere you can get to relatively cheaply in Europe for a day or so. We'll see how it goes!
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    Please see the new official Train2Game events page on Student World!

    Information here

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    No probs Tom, linked at the top!
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    anyone going to the norwich event?

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