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    Hey I noticed a lot of guys and girls have an online portfolio and I really need to start one myself. I just wondered what websites are the best to use?

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    I'd say either Wix or Blogspot, it just comes down to personal preference.
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    Maybe give a try?

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    Try to avoid using websites that run on flash (such as a lot of wix websites) as it can be problem to view on potential employers/recruiters computers, due to restrictions they may have (slow net speed, incompatible devices/browsers).

    The aim of your Portfolio is to show and demonstrate your abilities and best work. It needs to show images and videos quickly and easily. Simple designs are the best way to go.

    Often the potential employers/recruiters have hundreds of applications to sift through, if your site takes time to load then they will just skip it and move onto the next application.

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    Wix is one of the worst website creation sites I've seen, the only good sites I've seen using Wix, are the ones made BY Wix to show off Wix.
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    Have a look at carbonmade, it's a free service that can offer five web based project in a HTML / SWF style. You can customise it to a certain extent, however if you are willing to pay a little you can also add video.

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    Thxs for all the advice

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