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Thread: Your Guide To City and Guilds

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    Quote Originally Posted by ericw View Post
    It's horses for courses, but as Peter said C&Gs are very well respected globally
    Excellent, have nearly finished my game for the C&G Level 7 Dev, they are very canny asking for a 3D maze with a 3rd person camera ~ very difficult to do affectively, the TIGA requirement to modify DSD game is a doddle compared to that. Nearly there (although am taking forever on account of actually working as well

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    It is one of the more difficult things to get right we look forward to seeing a great implementation from you
    Student World Team
    Existing students call 0845 272 8796 for support

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    Does anyone know the T2G City and guilds number please? It should be a 6 digit code.


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    All the stuff I've been through and I finally have a master goal in the shape of an MA in art and animation, this is awesome news!!

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