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Thread: UDK Unreal Script, Stuck Character floating in air

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    Default UDK Unreal Script, Stuck Character floating in air


    Im having trouble with some UDK unreal Script for a game that im creating, I needed a pawn to follow the player so have got the code set up and running the pawn follows the player but flies he around 2 feet of the ground and i have no way to get him on the floor?

    I have tried everything
    class LoonBot extends GameAIController;//declaring variables here means//they may be used throughout this scriptvar Vector MyTarget;//at the start of the levelsimulated event PostBeginPlay(){super.PostBeginPlay();//start the brain going at half second intervalsSetTimer(0.5, true, 'BrainTimer');}function BrainTimer(){//local variables are only used in this functionlocal Pawn P;local float Distance;//check if theres another pawn, the pawn belongning to this controller isnt countedforeach WorldInfo.AllPawns(class'Pawn', P){if (P != None)  //if there is one{//get the distanceDistance = VSize2D(Pawn.Location - P.Location);//if its closer than 500if (Distance <= 1000)            {             //make its location MyTarget             MyTarget.Y = P.Location.Y;             MyTarget.X = P.Location.X;             //so it doesnt fly up n down             MyTarget.Z = P.Location.Z;             //MoveTo the pawn             GoToState('MoveAbout');            }            else  //if its too far away            {            //do whats in the function called MoveRandom()            MoveRandom();            }          }          else  //if there isnt another pawn          {            //call the function MoveRandom()            aMoveRandom();          }        }}function MoveRandom(){    local int OffsetX;  local int OffsetY;  //make a random number  OffsetX = Rand(500)-Rand(500);  OffsetY = Rand(500)-Rand(500);       //some distance left or right and some distance in front or behind    MyTarget.X = Pawn.Location.X + OffsetX;    MyTarget.Y = Pawn.Location.Y + OffsetY;       //so it doesnt fly up n down       MyTarget.Z = Pawn.Location.Z;    //move to the random location    GoToState('MoveAbout');}state MoveAbout{Begin:    //MoveTo makes it move to a location (vector)    MoveTo(MyTarget);}defaultproperties{}

    I have tried editing the
     MyTarget.Z = P.Location.Z - 47 ; // 47 is the height shown in kismet for my player
    but nothing is working i have tried directly editing it in kismet and still nothing happens
    Here is a picture of my character floating

    Can some one shed some light onto this,
    Thank you
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    Problem solved, Collision height needed modding if anyone else has any problems with custom pawns floating

    Begin Object Name=CollisionCylinder
    End Object

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