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    Hi all,

    As part of our ongoing initiatives we have invited one of our client studios to join this group. The studio are looking for students to help with the ongoing development of Imp Paired, you may have seen the details on other areas of the T2G network. We felt this might be the ideal place to find some enthusiastic students who are used to working as part of remote studios. We'll let the studio introduce themselves once they are available, as a small team (run by an individual with other part time members) they are very similar to yourselves and I am sure will be able to share advice.

    We'll be looking to start further relationships such as this in the future. With Student Studios supporting professional studios to gain experience and create content for their portfolios. I like to think of them as semi-student studios


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    Looking forward to hearing from them
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    Nice One!!!
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    Cool, It'll be interesting to see how any small studios are getting on ...Student or not

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