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Thread: Turret Studios "in the pipe 5 by 5"

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    Default Turret Studios "in the pipe 5 by 5"

    Hi, my name's Dan and I'm a student on the art and animation course.
    I had an awesome experience of the Gadget show Live last April with Indigo Jam Games (woot woot).
    The whole Competition confirmed to me that this is the career that I really want, and I figured 2013 is as good a time to start.

    I have given up my full time job and moved back to freelancing giving me some flexible time to work on our first game, Digital Dojo.
    Turret Studios became a fully registered company in late December 2012, and, with the help of Whirley (the coder of codey type things) we have been exploring the Unity 4 engine, aiming to put Digital Dojo in both the iOS and Android stores.

    So what's Digital Dojo?
    Digital Dojo is a hybrid game with elements of collecting a bit like Pokemon and a Top Trumps style of combat.

    In a Nutshell
    1) Find a unique GIANT FIGHTING ROBOT by scanning a bar-code
    2) Challenge your friends to a fight
    3) Win to earn xp
    4) Spend xp upgrading and customising your GIANT FIGHTING ROBOT
    5) Keep fighting and winning or find more GIANT FIGHTING ROBOTs
    (sorry about the CAPS but GIANT FIGHTING ROBOTS get me excited)

    How can you get involved?
    At the moment we are currently running a contest on our site to design a robot or an environment for them to fight in. Winning designs will make it into the game and they will have their names in the Credits .

    Im not an artist what can I do?
    Possibly some stuff in the future but once the game is in its Alpha stage we plan to open it up to Train2game students to test, so if you have an Apple or Android device you will be more than welcome to give us some feedback.

    Anything more permanent?
    Well get in touch and show us what you can do, We are keeping our eyes out for a GUI artist and a concept artist at the moment.
    Web Site

    If we need anyone else it will be posted up here and on our site.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and we hope to hear from you soon.

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    Sounds good but if you really liked them, you would have written GIANT FIGHTING ROBOT!!

    Good luck with the game, looking forward to seeing more on it.

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    Cheers and like wise LGD sounds very interesting looking forward to playing.


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    Anybody wanting to join in the discussion about our competition can follow this thread

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    As you have all figured out Turret studios LOVE GIANT FIGHTING ROBOTS!! If you like them too and have a PS3 you might want to check this out...

    just follow us on twitter @turretstudios find this msg and Retweet it Simples *squeek*

    "#FF For a chance to win "Zone of the Enders HD" on PS3 follow @Turretstudios and RT this msg. #DigitalDojo"

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