Greetings all from Road Hog Games!

I've posted a few things for our studio on these forums, but I'll do an official 'about us' post here. There are four members that make up the core of the team, Gareth (valkyrie9mm), Terri (tez82), Izzy (izzy.coding) and Amy (amymethvenart). Izzy works on code, Amy on art, Terri on design and Gareth on production. Justin (sleepless) was recruited to work as our audio engineer and recently we've taken on another student, Jonathan to do some coding work for us. In addition to this, we have a couple of 'unofficial' members who are providing a wealth of expertise and knowledge from their many years in the industry, Tony and Ian.

We formed in Sept. 2012 and made it official when we became a limited company on Nov. 30th 2012. We're currently working on our first project, Little Green Dude (LGD), which is due for release on Android initially and potentially Windows 8.

LGD is what you would call a "super charged" game of Pong, with some cool power ups and a quirky character that we hope to build on in future projects. Some early concepts below, we're keeping the juicy stuff under wraps for now until we can show it really spruced up.

LGD Menu Prototype image new layout.jpg465538_373748989381957_1158440337_o.jpg577792_373750509381805_566472095_n.jpg

We're also receiving lots of help from Train2Game with regards to PR opportunities and three of the team have been interviewed by T2G radio which can be viewed here: - Gareth - Amy - Izzy
(Space reserved for Terri's when she does hers in a couple of weeks time!)

Gareth was also recently mentioned in the Yorkshire Post in the article below, and is what prompted Ian to get in touch to offer his expertise.

While that article is true, it's hugely been re-worded to sound more interesting! The 30,000 mentioned is in fact the software available to any limited company that registers with, and is accepted by Microsoft Bizspark, a scheme with the purpose of assisting startups, not just from the games industry, by giving them a whole host of free services that would otherwise be unavailable. More info on this can be found here:

There's no set release date yet for LGD, but we hope to have a beta version completed by the end of February 2013.

Our website is still being built but you can follow us on our facebook page here:

I'll use this thread to keep posting updates, and reply to any questions that anyone would like to ask. Feel free to get in touch across here or facebook!