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    Default Horizon Studios signing in

    Horizon Studios are a team built up of two design students CrystalSkye and Sleepless (the latter who creates all the music and sound effects), one developer known as Smoothnshiny and finally one artist, BHMediaMarty.

    CrystalSkye and BHMediaMarty first met in 2009, decided that we both had the same drive and ambitions to create a real working studio and over the following year enlisted the help of Smoothnshiny and later Sleepless to complete our team.

    As a team we came up with a number of different game concepts which we developed to a certain degree using GameMaker, releasing a playable demo of Galoop prior to the 2010 Eurogamer which thankfully Train2Game demonstrated at their stall along with Adarakion's RoChain, but having chosen iOS as our target platform based on our skillset at the time we found that there weren't any real options for developing for iOS with anything we were using, so after spending some time researching engines and how to go about developing for iOS we eventually opted to switch to Unity3D, investing in both Unity Pro and iOS Pro module for export and as a team started working on Purgatory.

    Having faced numerous personal and somewhat life changing problems myself, along with problems suffered by CrystalSkye and then the birth of SmoothnShiny's new son we suffered a variety of setbacks over the years but we still did our best to make some headway with Purgatory before Yoyo announced the release of GameMaker Studio and for us a way to finish what we started in 2010, so having recently invested in GM:Studio with the iOS, Android and Win8 export modules we're now working hard to get Galoop looking and playing better than ever before, with an anticipated iOS App Store ship date around the end of this first quarter with Android, Windows 8 Phone, Windows 8 and Mac Desktops to follow.

    After that we'll be finishing off Purgatory and releasing that before moving on to one of several other projects that we've prototyped over the years but gave up on because we didn't have the right tools for the job.

    For more information visit our website at or follow us on facebook
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    I would also like to add that Galoop ios will be ready for beta testing soon.

    If anyone is interested it the beta testing process then they'll need to 'like' the Horizon and Galoop pages to be in with a chance. They would also need an ios device.

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    Hello Horizon,

    Should you need any PR support to release your game or when it goes into Beta, please feel free to PM me. I have drafted press releases for a number of studios and I would be happy to help. One thing we've been doing is a soft launch Beta to the students, which is a great way to get feedback ahead of a wider release.

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