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    Has anyone tried using Rapid2D game engine for Windows 8?

    I just want to know if anyone had any problems with the engine

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    Oh I heard about that engine through a friend who tried it, I don't know what makes it any better than Game maker studio, which has windows 8 export.. Haven't tried it though I'm sure it's a lot better considering it's only for windows 8, so they concentrate on making it work well for that one platform I guess. Otherwise I wouldn't see the point in keeping to one specific platform.

    Haven't tried it yet but willing to give it a go, I dunno how buggy it is but probably very if it's so new.

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    Just noticed their website, that image of the nightsky like game is mine from the last gamejam. xD nice to be told.

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    I have used it. It is good so far. Able to make a one scene simple game atm. Going to try and use it to make a bigger game soon

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