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Thread: Upcoming Programming and Game Related Courses (Free)

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    April's courses are up!

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    Thanks the Gamification one looks really interesting.
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    Coursera courses for May and June are on the OP!

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    Liking the look of a lot of these. Much prefere the distance learning style courses - as I can do them at work!

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    could you please state which one give actual credit it is quite time consuming looking through all 30 websites to find out

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    The vast majority of online courses don't give actual credit. Especially not if they're free. Some of them, like Coursera, offer credit on some of their courses, but only if you pay a fee.

    But in any case, this thread isn't about for credit courses. It's about free online courses that you can take to brush up on your skills or to supplement what you learn in the T2G course.

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