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Thread: Upcoming Programming and Game Related Courses (Free)

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    hellooooo i am new on this forum is good to know about free courses thanks

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    Added a few new courses which start in February as well as a new category: AI.

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    Just to let people know that the game theory course starts at 8 am GMT.

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    Been spending too much time on FB - first instinct was to "like" your post, Ascdren. :P

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    For some reason, I'm only just seeing this thread now, but thanks very much for these links! I've just signed up to the following through Coursera:

    Introduction to Philosophy
    Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies
    Social Psychology

    and through EdX

    Introduction to Computer Science and Programming


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    Awesome stuff here!
    *Insert counterproductive signature here*

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    Nice post, thank you for this.
    I have just applied for the programming languages course mentioned in your overview.

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    Programming Languages starts today! Looking forward to diving in later today, once I'm back home from my trip into town. I dropped out of the Game Theory class as I found the quizzes very discouraging. Hopefully they'll address the issues for the next time it's offered.

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    Great post here Muir, I often visit the site to check the latest courses but it was a great idea to post relevant ones here!

    Hopefully this will help a lot of students, well done!

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    Upcoming courses for March are added!

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