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Thread: Artists... When applying for a job... help and advice!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FeetheGiraffe View Post
    As a Canadian I spell funny :P .. anyway you could also take your portfolio on a USB stick if you get an interview but you are more likely to have already sent your portfolio to the studio prior to meeting them in which case an online one is needed.

    Darklights... I still wouldn't recommend telling porky pies and I'm sure you wouldn't either!
    Oh no I wouldn't recommend it, just saying you can always learn.
    Interview experience is always good, so it may be worth going for jobs you might feel under qualified for.
    Everything can be taught and the right can do attitude goes a long way.

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    While on one hand, it is good advice but this is stuff I already know about very well. It kinda isn't any different to apply to whatever job you go for.
    Portfolio..... yes, all three forms (USB, Laptop and physical) I do agree on.
    I'm fine with 2D concept art and animation but I need to brush up on my 3D skills so once I get my head round on everything I learn on this course, I might be okay.
    Best tip I'd say: READ THE DESCRIPTION OF THE JOB ADVERT!! Saves the embarrassment during interview.

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    And some great advice :

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