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Thread: Student Project Recruitment Guidelines.

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    Default Student Project Recruitment Guidelines.


    This is a guideline for anybody who is thinking about recruiting for a project they are currently working on or an upcoming project, remember, these are only guidelines and however you choose to post is completely up to you.

    Please note you will be in charge of moderating your own thread, always keep your thread up to date. If your position hasn’t been filled please update your thread, at the same time if the position is filled and you are no longer recruiting update your thread and we will close it. If you don't update your thread for 14 days we will consider it no longer available and close it.

    If you think I've missed anything, please feel free to suggest things to add to this thread

    Studio Name:
    If applicable.

    Studio Website:
    If applicable.

    Project name:
    If applicable.

    Current team members:
    A description of the current team members, anything can be written here for example; forum name, current course, job description, and any other related notes.

    List the genre (and/or second genre) of your game.

    Project Information:
    A few paragraphs about the game: Many things can be listed here, from features, USP’s, current engine and some narrative. You can also add some concept images if you have them.

    Job Description:
    Tell us who you are looking for, whether it is a coder, designer, artist, sound or QA. You can also include a little detail of what that candidate will primarily be working on. Does your candidate need any prior experience before applying?

    Estimated Project Length:
    Tell us how long you think the project will last, and how much time you are looking for off somebody that wishes to work on the project.

    How to apply:
    How do people apply? Can they reply to the topic or do you want them to send you a private message? Can they contact you on Skype or any other social media networks? When applying do they need to send you any portfolio work? Does your recruitment thread expire at any point, if so list it.

    Additional Information:
    Include any additional information here.
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