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Thread: Indievision - Supporting small indie developers.

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    Default Indievision - Supporting small indie developers.

    Taken from The Sixth Axis

    We’ve already spoken to Richard Hill-Whittall, the man behind indie development studio Icon, but he’s just let us know that he’s founded indievision, a new organisation set-up to promote the interests of small independent development studios, and to provide information, advice & contacts essential for running an indie game studio. The organisation was founded by Richard as an evolution of the ChaosEdge site, which he originally established to aid Mobigame in their legal fight to restore their iPhone game EDGE to the Appstore. indievision is a volunteer based organisation; there are no membership fees – just developers helping/supporting other developers.

    Membership is open to any indie developer developing their own game(s); from 1 person upwards.

    “During my involvement with ChaosEdge, I thought enough-is-enough; why is there not a group out there helping Indies and offering free information, support and advice to help studio owners build up successful studios and avoid some of the pitfalls & immoral business practices in the industry.” said Richard.

    Richard tell us indievision was born out of a desire to help other indies in what is an incredibly exciting time to be an independent developer. We provide a place to talk to like minded professional developers & studio owners, to discuss development practices, business development, funding issues, and so on. We have an extensive list of contacts at publishers, law firms, outsource companies, format holders, ratings & official organisations, and offer free help and advice with basic tax questions (such as withholding tax), age ratings, QA and the many other issues associated with self-funded development and publishing.

    As I’ve said before, that 1000 Euro PSP dev kit is looking very tempting… Check out the website


    Its worth noting that they vet applicants - so dont go applying to join en masse! Ive recently joined with Adarakion. A really REALLY good resource for those of you wanting to go it alone.

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    Good post! Ty, Lee!

    (Also thanks to DrDeth who tweeted this the other day too)

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    No worries

    Damn tweet-ninja

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    Quote Originally Posted by gnipper View Post
    My new favourite word(s) of the day

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    I think we can call it a "twinja" sounds better.

    Anyway.. back on topic - good site that

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