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Thread: Portfolio project 4

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    I've taken TMA 15 and finished the first 4 portfolios but i'm worried that although i have fulfilled the parameters of each portfolio, i feel that maybe i havn't written enough or explained my self properly, so i guess my question is How discerning are the markers of the portfolio's?, because as i understand the portfolio's define you diploma score.

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    If you haven't sent them off yet, then continue to work on them until you are happy that you've written an appropriate amount (remember you CAN write too much) and that you've explained yourself clearly. If you have any doubts, get someone (friend/ family member) to read over your work and see if they can follow what you've written.
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    Hi all,
    I also have trouble with this one as it asks for research, this to me means finding and sifting through already existing information on the genres and using the information that you think is relevant to your point. But this has caused my 1st 2 docs to be like 80% copy and paste style. I added enough of my own to it (i hope) but this seems a little of a low-bar project compared to the last one (Test plan) which was like 30 pages long.
    The last doc is all my work for comparing from a gamers view and from a testers view of FPS and MMORPG genres.
    Then i concluded nicely with a "some games blur the lines" using Bungie's Destiny game (MMO-FPS-RPG).
    Is this going to be ok with so much of the 1st 2 being research heavy??

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