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Thread: Promoting the new game - Darkness Descends

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    Default Promoting the new game - Darkness Descends

    A friend of mine is working on this game, completely alone (his choice) and thus has been doing very well with it:

    Please support him if you can.

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    I unfortunately can't contribute any money, otherwise I would have done so with Shplem, and your friends work here is fantastic for one person. But please tell your friend, that when he is recording videos for his game, to make sure skype and all other IM's/ programs that make noises are closed, and/ or muted :P
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    Cool man, I will do

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    Looks good and shame he is doing it on his own :/ would love to get in on the last one but have not got a few k spare yet :/ But looks really good and hope it goes well.

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