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Thread: Help with game resolution problem?

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    Default Help with game resolution problem?

    I brought Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X for the PC teh other day in Game and when I install it and play it my screen go black and I get PC written in the corner but I hear sound fine, I found out that my TV does not support the Games default Resolution.

    TV HD default Resolution - 1024x768

    Computer Game Default Resolution - 1024x768

    PC default Resolution - 1024x768

    When I go into my TV settings when the game is running it tells me it is not receiving a signal from the PC.

    Its using VGA from a AMD Radeon HD x5500, I think personally the game is being an A Hole just because it can and Support ignore me(email only no phone number)

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    I've had this issue many times, found that turning my PC on after the TV/External Visual device as plugged and then turning the PC on fixed it for me
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    Can you force the game to run in a window?

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    It will run windowed but then whenever I click the game window to do anything the screen dives straight into darkness.

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