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Thread: A PC that runs 3Ds Max and Photoshop CSS

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    Am looking to get a new PC, one that can run Autodesk 3Ds Max well and Photoshop CSS, can anyone please tell me what type of PC I should go for and one that isn't too expensive?

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    My budget is 300 - 350.

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    i had a laptop worth 500 down to 400, im not sure if the price is lower now but search 16 inch hp pavilion g series, it handled max and photoshop.The only problem was it did'nt run mudbox,which i'm told i get so i had to fork out 900 to use it and fix the speed of 3d max as well, also the memory was'nt great, there was'nt not alot wrong with the laptop i just wanted power and speed, so i asked in a post like this and murkie here was very helpful,because i never heard of gaming desktops before, if you could get 900 i'd suggest mine, nemesis very powerful and worth the money, heres the link for some reason they changed it's name, i know you have a budget but laptops around your budget are'nt great to tell you the truth even tho they let you use 3dmax and photoshop the speed of those pc's are not great, and this is coming from a guy who has had 5 laptops lol but if i were you get my old one that i told you about or try forking out on a extra 100 and get a was 550 now 450 deal laptop, it also does'nt hurt to vist google and type 3d max 12 System Requirements this is for 13 but it's almost or is the same as 12's
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    Thanks guys.

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